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未來商會將持續秉持本會宗旨,促進瑞典台商之合作與聯繫,共謀發展在地工商業,加強與瑞典主要工商團體及各國商會之聯繫,俾使本會融入瑞 典工商社團,彼此交換資訊並相互合作,並且提昇台商在地地位,為台商爭取最高權益,期盼促進台商與當地社會文化之交流,以增進共同瞭解與經濟發展。

Taiwanese Chamber of Commerce in Sweden was established in year 2001 by David Dai, Yu-Ying Hedlund, Hsin-Tao Kan, Hsio-Man Wang, Ke-Shen Chang, Hao-Hsuing Su, Gen-Hsin Chang, och Li-Gong Chang with the presence of Ambassador Ji-Yin Ju of Taipei Mission in Stockholm.

TCCS was not officially active until year 2008 with the initiation by Ambassador Jung-Ren Chou TCCS started regular annual meetings with chairwoman Ms. Jenny Jenving.

November 2014 TCCS revised its Statutes and elected its new board with a new chairwoman Ms. Susan Johansson. We in TCCS look forward to the new era and remain our friendly outreaching hands towards all walks of lives. Our vision is to enhance the interaction of Taiwanese people in any commercial trade related business and further more the interchange opportunities with Swedish companies.


Why Join Us?

本會宗旨如下 :

1. 促進瑞典台商之合作與聯繫,共謀發展在地工商業;

2. 加強與瑞典主要工商團體及各國商會之聯繫,俾使本會融入瑞 典工商社團,彼此交換資訊並相互合作;

3. 提昇台商在地地位,為台商爭取最高權益;

4. 促進台商與當地社會文化之交流,以增進共同瞭解與經濟發 展。


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